2Cio solutions


Why 2CiO ?

Do you have alignment between your business and IT function ?

Medium Size companies have difficult choices ensuring their IT is delivered effectively. How do you establish and implement a strategy that addresses your scale and complexity at a cost you can afford?

Strategy that is both aligned with business goals and simplifies IT is difficult. It requires a different type of person than your hands-on IT support staff - one that works effectively with your business leaders, has the experience to turn business comprehension into IT Strategy, the functional expertise to develop plans for the IT staff and the management skills to drive, measure & report progress.

Typically an IT Director of this caliber could cost a company up to £250K per year - a massive investment for a medium size company.

What are the options ?

These are exquisite people with the intellect to develop strategy, the insight to create cost effective plans and the experience to ensure the benefits are delivered while taking full accountability to you for delivering benefits, but working part time.  And therefore only charging for part-time, but engaging full-time.

A 2CIO will provide strategic value at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay. They bring real world experience and skills which remain honed through their divergent client portfolio. Most all they become part of your business leadership team forging strong relationships and understanding of your business in the same way as any full-time employee

Consultants ?

They could help with the strategy, but are expensive to retain.

Interim Managers?

They will make things move quickly, but are expensive, and they are what they say - interim

Part-Time CiO - a 2CiO


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